• July 21st, 2016 by Warren Insurance Agency

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We want to say that we are now proud to offer Life Insurance!

We work closely with a company called KAFL Insurance Resources, which is an Employee Owned National Multi-Line Brokerage Agency. Through them we have access to over 70 different carriers such as John Hancock, Met Life, Prudential and William Penn to name a few, for Life, Long Term Care, Disability, Annuities, Employee Benefits and the Senior Market. With access to so many carriers, we are able to find the best match for each of our clients individual situations.

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Most of us know what an insurance company is. But just what is an insurance adjuster? Sometimes it’s not clear who adjusters are and how they’re trained for the job. (After all, how many colleges offer “insurance adjusting” as a major?) To get some answers, we went behind the scenes with Chad Smith, a property claims specialist at Erie Insurance who handles large losses. Read on to... Read Article

What To Do When Your Car Overheats

As outside temperatures climb during the warm summer months, temperatures inside your vehicle’s engine bay can near 200 degrees. In that type of heat, it’s important to keep your engine cool. Your car’s cooling system is usually up to the task. But if the needle of your temperature gauge rises or you spot steam coming from under your hood, your car could be overheating. When... Read Article
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